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HYPOCRITES! By Luis Portillo Pasqual del Riquelme


Luis Portillo

To those who, for so long, have silenced the legitimate claims of the Sahrawi people and their deep cries of anguish and pain.

To those who have systematically kept silent about the atrocities committed by the Moroccan Makhzen civil, military and religious hierarchy against the Sahrawi people.

To those who looked away or silenced the rousing cries of the Spanish nation in support of their Sahrawian brothers and sisters.

To those who hastily signed shady alliances with a corrupt, criminal, colonial imperialist and genocidal regime.

To those who included the Western Sahara and its native population in the French-American neocon “pensée unique” package.

To those who tried to “encapsulate the Saharan conflict” in order to dedicate their time to more profitable affairs.

To those who advised on and financed the construction and arming of the largest military wall of our times and the widespread land-mining of Sahrawi territory.

To those who came to agreements with the fatuous and irredentist Moroccan Government in order to pillage the natural resources of the Western Sahara.

To those who, in sinister offices and governmental cabinets, coldly laid plans for the ignominious Green March and the infamous, illegal, immoral and politically suicidal Tripartite Agreement of Madrid in 1975.

To those who, when it suited them, publicly supported the Sahrawi people, encouraged them in their fight against the invaders and assured them that their “Party” would be with them until the final victory, and who then forgot them and abandoned them to the claws of a criminal regime and its “Africom” allies.

To those who oversaw the “model” Spanish Democratic Transition and then overlooked historic memory, renouncing the possibility of annulling the Tripartite Agreement signed during Franco’s defamed regime and of recognising the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) as an independent, sovereign Constitutional State, free of executioners, pillagers and criminals.

To those who give medals to suspected criminals, and treacherously and secretly sell or give arms to the Alaouite regime, violating the law and silencing the will of the immense majority of the Sahrawi people.

To those who so quickly forgot that the Sahrawi solidarity movement represented what was “the noblest and best” of Spanish society, in the worn-out words of the PSOE leader and ex-president of the Spanish Government, Felipe González.

To those who evade their historic, moral, legal and political responsibilities, who do not demand that international law is respected and applied, and who would give lessons on “morality in the Hamada”.

To those who, in spite of all their attempts to gloss over the reality of the situation and historic evidence, now recognise that Law and Justice are on the side of the Sahrawi people, but who twist and turn before what they call “political reality” (indulged and encouraged), that is, the rule of force, invasion and military occupation of Western Sahara, the illegal settlement of hundreds of thousands of foreign colonists, and the daily fierce and systematic repression of the Sahrawi civilian population.

To those who have tried, and continue trying by any means available, to brand the Polisario Front, and the most peace-loving and patient nation in the world, as “terrorists”.

To those who have tried to cheat and divide - through sophistry, silence and lies - the Sahrawi solidarity movement.

To those who have never had to sew on a button in the desert, whose only information comes from films viewed from the comfort of their metropolitan, bureaucratic armchairs, and have not suffered - or have forgotten - the hunger and thirst for Justice.

To those who have generously placed their disinformation resources at the service of the Makhzen spokespeople (mercenaries) and their imperial allies, denying voice or word to the defenders of Justice and International Law.

To those who demanded the resignation of James Baker, concealing and silencing the denunciation and testimony of experts in the matter, such as that of the American ex-ambassador, Frank Ruddy, among many others.

To those high-ranking officials heading MINURSO with the explicit brief to prevent the birth of a free, independent and genuine State south of the Moroccan border, and who have carried out their mission “with pleasure”.

To those for whom the life of a Sahrawian child, woman or elderly person has never been of any importance, whose only interest has been their own well-being, security, profits and personal interests, and who now protest hypocritically about the suffering of Sahrawian children in the Hamada, that hardest and most inhospitable of deserts.

To those who, lacking authentic or credible “arguments”, now make use of the Sahrawian children as a new “argument” in order to break the will of the Sahrawi people and force them to renounce their legitimate and inalienable rights, recognised since 1960 by the UN, the OAU/AU and the International Community, without even mentioning those who are guilty of and responsible for the tragedy suffered by the attacked and massacred Sahrawi people, a tragedy which is concealed behind the euphemism status quo.

To those who have not contributed a single school or educational institution, not even one single Spanish teacher (or of any other subject) in order to preserve the native tongue of Cervantes in the tormented Sahrawi refugee camps, the only Arab nation to preserve Spanish as the official State language.

To those who are now tearing their hair out - or so they would have us believe - before the enormous suffering of this generous, hospitable and grateful nation, whose patience and desire for peace has been tested to the limit.

To those who have never contributed a single euro in order to feed the impoverished Sahrawi nation (using hunger as a military and political tool), nor stuck up a sticker, nor handed out a manifesto denouncing the status quo or supporting the Sahrawi cause, and who so generously lend their voices to the Makhzen cause.

To those who have maintained a blessed silence, or caused it to be kept, regarding the outrages and permanent violations of Human Rights on the part of the Moroccan authorities, in the Occupied Territories of Western Sahara.

To those who deny visas to Sahrawi leaders with the aim of preventing them from attending the International Conference of Legal Experts for the Sahara in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, so as not to offend the Alaouite regime, or simply "on orders" from above.

To those who put the innumerable letters they receive from readers and citizens indignant about the situation, in a bottomless drawer or throw them directly into the wastepaper bin, silencing or twisting those questions which really matter to public opinion, lacking the courage to seek the truth and proclaim it, as it is, to the four winds.

To those who, in order to avoid problems for themselves, have chosen to submit to the diktat of the Makhzen, of the ultra neocon Government of the Empire, and its elitist and sophisticated French allies.

To those who validate, or accept without question, the entire battery of the illegal, genocidal, occupying invader’s wiles in order to prevent the decolonisation of the last African colony, using the Sahrawi nation as a negotiating tool, conducting business behind its back and to its cost.

To those who pretend to suffer on behalf of this nation’s youngest members who have been expelled from their land, but have spent thirty three years without breathing a word about the atrocities committed by the Moroccan authorities.

To those who have tried to fool public opinion by saying or insinuating that the Polisario Front is responsible for the dreadful situation, when it is precisely the Front which has spent more than thirty years protecting their nation, denouncing the situation to the international community, building a State in exile, a free and democratic society, and ceaselessly searching for a legitimate, dignified and lasting solution in accordance with the most fundamental principles of International law.

To those who trick the Moroccan nation and divert their attention away from their real issues and from the causes and origins of their real problems, inflaming them and making them believe that the Sahara belongs to them, in contrary to all international resolutions and reports.

To those who would have us believe that the Polisario Front - an international liberation movement - should concern itself with “democratising” the difficult-to-classify Moroccan political regime, contravening (as has the CIA, throughout their history) the internationally recognised principle of not interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, and avoiding any mention of how the Alaouite regime “treats” those, be they Sahrawi or Moroccan, who dare ask for justice and freedom for their people. This responsibility, which if at concerns anyone at all, concerns the international community and the great political powers, they give as if it were a gift to the Polisario Front!

To those who avoid suggesting a solution similar to that applied to the decolonisation of East Timor, the erstwhile colony of Portugal invaded by Indonesia and now a free, independent and sovereign nation thanks to the painful struggle of the Timor nation and the correction of Portugal’s former mistakes. It is incoherent, absolutely incoherent, that Portuguese leaders today refuse to approach the Western Sahara problem in the same way, but entirely “comprehensible”, given the Azores photograph.

To those who applied chapter VII of the United Nations Charter to the case of Kuwait, or to the pirate ships of the Indian Ocean, but refuse to apply the same international legal provisions to the Makhzen pirates, demanding and obliging the Moroccan Government to leave their colony, invaded and illegally occupied with blood and arms, and to give its immediate consent to the referendum on self-determination ordered by the UN (“MINURSO”), leaving all options open and with legal, democratic guarantees.

To those who imposed the independence of Kosovo, regardless of international law, and deny even the possibility of this option to a nation which has the legal support of the international community.

To the ignorant and reactionary cave-dwellers of traditional Spain who, even today in the 21st century, dare to blame the Sahrawi nation for its tragic situation, because they “wanted to gain independence from Spain”, ignoring the history of so many decolonisation processes (a million dead in the case of Algeria) and the typical “reactionary reaction” of the metropolis; and who still believe, even today, that the colonised nations owe their lives to the metropolis.

To those who, instead of making good use of the legal instruments available to Humanity (such as Chapter VII of the UN Charter) in order to bring about a peaceful and effective solution to “conflicts” such as that in Western Sahara (so obvious that legal experts classify it as res ipsa loquitur, it speaks for itself), would have us swallow the farce of sitting two absolutely unequal parties around a "negotiation" table: one party obviously responsible (res ipsa loquitur), arrogant, armed to the teeth and with their occupation accomplished and financed, and the other, absolutely helpless and unprotected, whose only arms are to have right and international law on their side, the historic experience of all decolonisation processes, and the overwhelming support of society and of the International solidarity movement in favour of the Sahrawi people’s cause.

To all of these, this insignificant world citizen, entirely in his own name and accepting all personal responsibility, levels the accusation of action or omission, and calls them hypocrites.

Luis Portillo Pasqual del Riquelme is a doctor in Economic Sciences, a State employee, and ex-lecturer of International Economic Structure at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Autonomous University of Madrid).

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HYPOCRITES! In defense of the Sahrawi people


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