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Statement of the International Conference of Solidarity with Sahara. Sevilla, october 3–5 2008

The people and organizations that participate in this International Conference of Solidarity with Sahara, gathered together in Sevilla, accord to shout, side by side with our Saharawi brothers, the fighting call: ¡SAHARA WILL BE VICTORIUS!



For more than 30 years, the Saharawi cause has claimed for justice. Currently, the regime of Morocco do no accomplish the international legality, imposed by a quite big list of Resolutions from the General Assembly and Security Council of United Nations, exercising a clamorous disregard for all principles, doctrine and even the utmost ethical fundamentals of International Law.

The Alawite tyranny has breached systematically the compromises established in the Peace Plan for the free determination of the Saharawi people, signed by the same regime of Morocco, without any practical consequence on the field of the international relations developed by the monarchy of Mohammed VI with the so called “Western World”. The Kingdom of Morocco has converted the territory of the Saharawi people to an immense prison, to all the extension controlled by the Moroccan army. The occupant has practiced all the possible ways of State terrorism against the genuine political and social representatives of the Saharawi people; steals their resources and denies the Saharawi culture with complete immunity. This is, today, the power of the Human Rights in the former Spanish colony. Mohammed VI´s regime continues being the serf of USA and France, privileged customer of the EU and enthusiastic partner of the transnational enterprises for the sacking of its own country. As a reward, it is the “guardian of the Maghreb”. The Moroccan people suffers under the boot of this feudal, exploitator and imperialist regime, that sends the best sons of the people to the south, in tanks, to tyrannize the neighboring countries, and to the North, in small boats, to die during the crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar, while the Royal Family gets rich through plundering and extortion of regional riches. The freedom of the Saharawi people will provoke the fall of the common tyrants: the Moroccan people, with their democratic organizations on the first line, cry for freedom too.

From 1975 to 2008, thirty three years of infamy define the Spanish policy towards the Saharawi people.

From the betrayal consummated by the Madrid Accords, to the complicit silence about the brutal repression unleashed in the Occupied Territories, the stoppage of the Referendum contained in the Peace Plan, as well as the enthusiastic participation in the pillage of the Saharawi natural resources, the successive Spanish Governments not only have abdicated from their duties as administrative power, but also have acted as necessary cooperators for the support of the occupation. It cannot be forgotten that the consignment of humanitarian aid to Tindouf, while simultaneously the same Government sells combat equipment to the Moroccan tyranny to support the military occupation and guarantee the repression against the same Saharawi people, is an extraordinary sign of hypocrisy. It can´t be alleged the existence of ignorance or necessity about something that is quite clear, evident and mean since more than three decades: the Spanish government has always had at hand the precise instruments to develop the key position for the complete restitution of the Saharawi sovereignty on its territory. If it doesn´t practice its unavoidable duties, it will be considered directly as responsible for the futures scenarios that the conflict in Western Sahara could undertake, following the path of a situation different from a peaceful and negotiated resolution that ends in the effective exercise of the right of self determination. The Spanish government would be stained with the shedded blood, as an accusative sign.

The Saharawi people has showed its will of resistance, its will of not allowing itself to die as a people, living inside one of the worst deserts in the world. This is its national treasure, the moral spring to keep up the outrageous sacrifices derived from exile, and the repression against the criminal occupant. This is something that the bosses of the Moroccan dictatorship know as well. So, we have to alert especially to the criminal attempts of blackmail exerted by the EU against the SADR, about the reduction of the humanitarian aid sent to the refugee camps in Algerian territory. We denounce the attempt of the western great powers of trading in the dignity of a people (that is nothing more than an attempt to kill it), trying to force new shady deals and “plans” which only serve to legitimize something that will never be legitimate without a free, conscious and collective consent of the whole of the Saharawi people: the annexation of the Saharawi territory by Morocco. It shouldn´t be tolerated this attempt of imposing a surrender that neither the weapons of the dictator Hassan II obtained ever, nor his son on the throne will ever get by his own forces. And, even with the aid of the full forces of the great powers, he will never defeat the heroic Saharawi people. Therefore, we express as Conclusions of this Conference the following:


1. We denounce the situation of the Human Rights inside the Occupied Territories of Western Sahara by the Kingdom of Morocco, as example of the oppression exerted against the Saharawi people.

2. We denounce the accessory position of the Spanish government and the European Union, at diplomatic level, about the continuation on the occupation, as a product of the Alliance of the great powers with the Moroccan regime, as well as the economic and commercial agreements signed between Spain and the European Union on one side, and the Kingdom of Morocco on the other, whose objectives are the exploitation of the sovereign Saharawi natural resources.

3. We demand the active implication of the Security Council of the United Nations to achieve the total accomplishment of the Peace Paz, leading to the self determination referendum, cutting out the propagandist campaigns developed by the Kingdom of Morocco about the so called “Autonomy Plans”.

4. The solidarity movement with the Saharawi people should include, as an essential part of its activity, the active support of the two main political institutions that the Saharawi people has democratically created: the POLISARIO Front, as National Liberation Movement, and the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, as sole sovereign State for all Saharawi.

5. Therefore, we consider that the solidarity with the Saharawi people should cover both the material and the political aspects. The “depolitization” of the solidarity shouldn´t be the alibi that covers the complicity of all Spanish governments about the Moroccan occupation.

6. Consequently, we demand the worldwide recognition of the SADR, especially by the Kingdom of Spain and the rest of member States of the European Union, considering this fair demand as the base for social mobilization in this phase of the conflict.

History cannot be whitewashed by the oppressors and their accessories, as long as the fighting will of the Saharawi people and its friends still exists. There will be no oblivion, there will be no rest for the solidarity movement, there will be no hesitation in our efforts, until the day it will be seen the complete restitution of the national sovereignty to the Saharawi people, through the exercise of the right for self determination by the Saharawi people which includes the free option for complete restitution of SADR´s authority over the whole territory. This will be the only moment in which it will be considered the process of decolonization as complete.

The people and organizations that participate in this International Conference of Solidarity with Sahara, gathered together in Sevilla, accord to shout, side by side with our Saharawi brothers, the fighting call:


Declaración y conclusiones del Encuentro Internacional de Solidaridad con el Sáhara celebrado en Sevilla

"Las personas y organizaciones participantes en este Encuentro Internacional (Sevilla, 3-5 de octubre de 2008) asumimos elevar, codo con codo, juntos con nuestros hermanos saharauis, el grito de lucha: ¡SAHARA VENCERÁ!"


Encuentro Internacional de Solidaridad con el Sahara


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